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The Child

The developing child as a connected, integrated human being.

The School

The developing school as part of the community at large.

The Teacher

The developing teacher as a practitioner, researcher, and custodian of the future.

African Language Teaching

The development of teaching resources for African language teaching.

Screen Time in Childhood​


The Child

Children live in a social world and develop physically and psychologically. How they exist in this world, and interact with people around them, depend largely on their growth and development across different domains. In this section of The Child, you will find discussions about child development. These discussions are meant to help adults understand developmental issues so that they can support children as they grow and learn

The School

This dimension/domain provides school managers and other stakeholders, including teachers and learners with valuable information to assist them execute their day to day functions within the educational context, from an informed perspective.

The Teacher

This section showcases research and resources that will inform the practice of teachers. Primary school teachers will be able to find useful blogs, research papers, videos and other resources to support their teaching. This section also includes resources that will focus on the personal and professional well- being of both pre- service and in- service teachers.

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University Achievements

Knowledge for Action Event

The Department of Childhood Education (DCE) and the Centre for Education Research Practice (CEPR) together form a University of Johannesburg flagship. The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. In the professional undergraduate programmes on the Soweto campus, teachers qualify for posts in the foundation and intermediate phase of schooling. In addition to the class work, the undergraduate programme is extended by a practicum component where students spend time in a primary school that is associated with the university. The CEPR, under the leadership of Prof E Henning, is the research ‘leg’ of childhood education and houses the majority of the research projects in the Department.