Disentangling the language effect in South African schools: Measuring the impact of ‘language of assessment’ in Grade 3 literacy and numeracy

Author: Nicholas Spaull A great majority of South African students are taught in a language that, for them, is a second or third language. Does this explain the high levels of underperformance in reading and mathematics? This study is based on two tests that were given to 3 402 Grade 3 students from all 11 language groups. The tests were … Read More

A model for assessment: integrating external monitoring with classroom-based practice

Authors: Caroline Long, Tim Dunne & Gabriel Mokoena For some time, education departments have believed that the more we test, the more likely it will be that the education system will improve. However, there has been little substantial improvement in the areas of greatest need. Obviously socio-economic disadvantage needs to be factored in. Another possible problem is that teachers are … Read More