Investigating the treatment of missing data in an Olympiad-type test – the case of the selection validity in the South African Mathematics Olympiad

Authors: Caroline Long, Johann Engelbrecht, Vanessa Scherman and Tim Dunne The objectives of the South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO) are to generate enthusiasm and interest in mathematics; to enrich the study of mathematics; to promote mathematical problem-solving proficiency; to equip contestants for university level mathematical thinking; and to identify and inform selection of the finest young mathematical minds for international … Read More

Mathematics, curriculum and assessment: The role of taxonomies in the quest for coherence

Authors: Caroline Long, Tim Dunne and Hendrik de Kock Bloom’s taxonomy is one of the taxonomies most frequently used for assessment, curriculum design and defining goals for instructional activities. However, it does not provide adequate feedback to teachers on how to improve or direct instructional activities; and neither does it fully relate to the assessment terms in the mathematics curriculum. … Read More

Implementing the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum in South Africa: Experiences of Foundation Phase Teachers

Authors: Charmon Naroth and Kakoma Luneta Due to the low-level and inadequate mathematics knowledge and skills of learners, attention has been drawn to mathematical literacy and numeracy competencies. Many schools are adopting the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum (SMC) to compensate and enrich Mathematics lessons. This study focused on the challenges, recommendations and personal experiences that teachers have had with the Singapore … Read More

Navigating the University Maze

“What is Smith College?” she asked. It was late November and one of my seniors sat down to talk with me about college. Quickly it became clear she been exposed to very few options. Many had told her to just apply to community college. I was flabbergasted. Community college is a good option for many students. But she was one … Read More

For Note Taking, Low-Tech is Often Best

This piece was slightly edited and reposted from Brookings, where it was originally published. Do computers help or hinder classroom learning in college? Step into any college lecture and you’ll find a sea of students with laptops and tablets open, typing as the professor speaks. With their enhanced ability to transcribe content and look up concepts on the fly, are students … Read More

Re-imagining Integration

School integration is complex work, tricky to navigate for many educators. Lee Teitel has been studying the schools and districts that are creating high-quality, integrated learning environments for students. He leads an initiative called Reimagining Integration: the Diverse and Equitable Schools (RIDES), which works in partnership with schools and districts and to explore how communities come to value diverse schools and how practices and … Read More