The role of museums in learning to teach with a critical lens

Author: Sarita Ramsaroop This study explored how student teachers learnt about apartheid-era history in South Africa when their coursework was combined, or blended, with museum visits. The study also explored how these blended learning experiences helped to prepare student teachers to teach apartheid-era history to learners in the primary school. There is much research that supports the value of learning … Read More

Disentangling the language effect in South African schools: Measuring the impact of ‘language of assessment’ in Grade 3 literacy and numeracy

Author: Nicholas Spaull A great majority of South African students are taught in a language that, for them, is a second or third language. Does this explain the high levels of underperformance in reading and mathematics? This study is based on two tests that were given to 3 402 Grade 3 students from all 11 language groups. The tests were … Read More