How to Create a Website for your School- Blog

Author: Louïne van der Vyver ________________________________________________________________________________ It is imperative – your school needs a website. The internet has become the modern mom’s compass. To have an online presence is indispensible: firstly it alerts prospective parents of your school’s existence, and secondly it can be used sucessfully as a marketing platform to attract new learners.  It is easy to create a … Read More

Should I be concerned about my Child’s use of Media?

Author: Dr Caroline Fitzpatrick Psycho- educational Researcher ________________________________________________________________________________ Children born into the new millennium have an unprecedented access to screens in the form of televisions, computers, video games, smart phones, and tablets. This changing childhood landscape has led many parents, educators, and researchers to ask questions about the possible benefits and negative effects of this increased digitization of children’s lives. … Read More

Planning Lessons for Effective Classroom Discipline

Author: Dr. Sarita Ramsaroop and Professor Nadine Petersen Department of Childhood Education Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg ________________________________________________________________________________ Lesson planning lies at the heart of effective teaching and managing one’s classroom. Walking into a classroom without a plan of what will be taught (subject matter knowledge or content) and how it will be taught (pedagogical content knowledge or teaching … Read More

Assertive Discipline in the Classroom- Blog

Assertive Discipline in the Classroom Author: Mrs. B Short Teaching School Development Practitioner Department of Childhood Education Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg ________________________________________________________________________________ No matter how well planned your lesson is, how beautiful your teaching aids are or how lovely your classroom looks, if the learners in your class are not well disciplined you will not be able to … Read More

Back to School, Back to reality minus the monotony!                                                                                        

BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO REALITY MINUS THE MONOTONY!                                                                                         Newly pressed outfits, mark books kitted out in the funkiest new paper and meal prep for break time has commenced, dear teachers. Every new year is all about fresh starts and new year’s resolutions, but the secret is to be a successful, fun and sustainable educator. All of us … Read More

Balancing academic and practical responsibilities-Blog

  Author: Mr. Dean van der Merwe Department of Childhood Education Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg ______________________________________________________________________________ When student teachers first enter university,  they have to learn how to juggle their academic and practical responsibilities. Being careful not to drop the ball on either. Having been a student teacher myself, and now working at a university, I know first-hand … Read More