Learning support pedagogy for children who struggle to develop the concepts underlying the operations of addition and subtraction of numbers: the ‘Calculia’ programme

Authors: Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann, Antje Ehlert and Gabriele Klüsener  The authors of this article argue that it is important for pre-service teachers to know about the psychology of learning mathematics (i.e. how children develop concepts) in order for them to be able to help children who encounter problems. Therefore, this article explores how a remedial programme, based on a conceptual model … Read More

Learner Discipline in Crisis: Can South African schools overcome the problem?

Author: Pierre du Plessis Discipline problems do exist in South African schools, and in other countries, and the situation is getting worse. The author argues that everyone who cares about children should cares about poor discipline and school violence. He adds that it is time to break the silence that too often characterises even the most well-meaning school communities. School … Read More

Planning Lessons for Effective Classroom Discipline

Author: Dr. Sarita Ramsaroop and Professor Nadine Petersen Department of Childhood Education Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg ________________________________________________________________________________ Lesson planning lies at the heart of effective teaching and managing one’s classroom. Walking into a classroom without a plan of what will be taught (subject matter knowledge or content) and how it will be taught (pedagogical content knowledge or teaching … Read More

Assertive Discipline in the Classroom- Blog

Assertive Discipline in the Classroom Author: Mrs. B Short Teaching School Development Practitioner Department of Childhood Education Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg ________________________________________________________________________________ No matter how well planned your lesson is, how beautiful your teaching aids are or how lovely your classroom looks, if the learners in your class are not well disciplined you will not be able to … Read More

Back to School, Back to reality minus the monotony!                                                                                        

BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO REALITY MINUS THE MONOTONY!                                                                                         Newly pressed outfits, mark books kitted out in the funkiest new paper and meal prep for break time has commenced, dear teachers. Every new year is all about fresh starts and new year’s resolutions, but the secret is to be a successful, fun and sustainable educator. All of us … Read More

The role of museums in learning to teach with a critical lens

Author: Sarita Ramsaroop This study explored how student teachers learnt about apartheid-era history in South Africa when their coursework was combined, or blended, with museum visits. The study also explored how these blended learning experiences helped to prepare student teachers to teach apartheid-era history to learners in the primary school. There is much research that supports the value of learning … Read More