How to Identify and Support your Child’s Reading Difficulties

Author: Lara Ragpot Learning how to read and being able to read well is a skill that we use through-out our lives. As a parent or educator it is important to identify if the child has a reading difficulty and get help as soon as possible. Here are two common reading problems children experience when learning to read. If you … Read More

Structural and social constraints in the teaching of Life Skills for HIV/AIDS prevention in Malawi primary schools

Authors: Grames Chirwa and Devika Naidoo  Malawi is a country plagued by social and health problems, such as drug and substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancies and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. These social and health challenges demand that young people be empowered with appropriate information and skills to enable them to effectively deal with these situations. In 1999 the Malawian Ministry … Read More

Learning support pedagogy for children who struggle to develop the concepts underlying the operations of addition and subtraction of numbers: the ‘Calculia’ programme

Authors: Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann, Antje Ehlert and Gabriele Klüsener  The authors of this article argue that it is important for pre-service teachers to know about the psychology of learning mathematics (i.e. how children develop concepts) in order for them to be able to help children who encounter problems. Therefore, this article explores how a remedial programme, based on a conceptual model … Read More

Learner Discipline in Crisis: Can South African schools overcome the problem?

Author: Pierre du Plessis Discipline problems do exist in South African schools, and in other countries, and the situation is getting worse. The author argues that everyone who cares about children should cares about poor discipline and school violence. He adds that it is time to break the silence that too often characterises even the most well-meaning school communities. School … Read More

How to Create a Website for your School- Blog

Author: Louïne van der Vyver ________________________________________________________________________________ It is imperative – your school needs a website. The internet has become the modern mom’s compass. To have an online presence is indispensible: firstly it alerts prospective parents of your school’s existence, and secondly it can be used sucessfully as a marketing platform to attract new learners.  It is easy to create a … Read More